About Us

Integrated Fitness Education (IFE) is a hands-on educational company developed by healthcare professionals to ensure the delivery of implementable and integrated fitness education to you.

For the first time, our team of healthcare and fitness professionals has collaborated on a full-body assessment and exercise system.

IFE’s system is designed to provide proper education on structure, form, and function; this system may help limit injuries and increase the integration of exercise into people’s lives.


Mission Statement

IFE, empowering people with the knowledge and skill to master complete exercise competently, effectively and independently.

“IFE has improved my daily life! Something as simple as retrieving something from a bottom kitchen cupboard to working in the garden is significantly easier. I have increased my flexibility, balance, and strength. Even my posture has improved.”

~ Karen C.

Meet the Team

Erin Barry

Director of Administration

Jillian Westmoreland

Director of Operations

Joshua Chen

Director of Education and
Lead Fitness Practitioner